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My Experience

Today I am 98 years old. At the age of 44, I was suffering from Diabetes. I had taken many medicines as prescribed by doctor but nothing happened. Hence, I studied ayurveda and prepared an ayurvedic solution.

Mr. L.K. Tate,
B.A., L.L.B., I.R.S.
Ass. Collector of Customs.


Customer Satisfaction

We are a company that strives to match the expectations of our clients in all possible ways that helps us in the betterment of our concern. Consequently, we provide them with quality herbal medicine to destroy diabetes. Additionally, our experts package the medicine with proper material to avoid any type of contamination. Factors stated below have assisted us in acquiring utmost customer satisfaction. To enhance their satisfaction level, we rely on following points as well: We do not merely sell our product, but we give guidance to our patients from time to time & personal follow up is there so that patient gets relief & fully relieved from the ailment.

Dr. (Miss) Sanjivani J.Parab

Dr. (Miss) Sanjivani J.Parab
M. F.A. M. (BOM)
Regd No. l-8323
Janardhan Bhuwan, Wagholi,
(Tal. Vasai), P.O. Nirmal, Dist. Thane

Date 21.02.02
I was suffering from Diabetes for the last three years. I took Ayurvedic Liquid medicine 1 year recommended by Shri. L. K.Tate and my blood sugar came to normal. I am now completely cured by this medicine. I am very grateful to Shri. Tate as my sugar report is normal and I feel quite hale and healthy.

Dr. Sanjivani J.Parab

Mr. Dattaram R. Prabhu


Residing at Goregaonkar Wadi, Gavdevi, Mumbai - 7, Age 67 years. Around 1986 my Detectedk. My father had deabetes. After my retirement I was constantly ill. first Sytika, Next year my right side had paralytic attack after that left side was paralytic fortunately i am not Disabled.

In. 2001. I read in Diwali Magazine 'Prabha' an Article on 'diabetes' written by Mr.Tate. For 2 1/2 yrs. I was taking insulin morning and evening , On 9 March 2002 .I personally met Mr.Tate he gave me medicine with Assurance. Within 4 1/2 months my sugar become normal.

Now I am fit and happy.

I am grateful to Mr. Tate.

Mr. Dattaram R. Prabhu.

N. Mhetra

Jagannath Narayan Mhetre,
Saner, Salewadi phata
Pune - 411 -005.
Tel.No. 272903354.

I was suffering from Diabetes and also Asthma for the last 10 years. As per advice of Shri Tatesaheb I took ''Ojamin'' regularly for one year and now i am completely cured and feel quite hale and hearty as both the diabetes and Asthma have desppeared.

My age is 70 years but i feel i am of 50 years. i feel quite hungry, i get sound sleep and bowels are quite clean.i am very,grateful to Shri.Tate for his "Ojamin".

N. Mhetra

Mrs. Parkhi

Date: 5.5.2004
Most Respected Laxmanrao Tatesaheb.

My name is Mrs. Jayashri Sharad Parkhi, Staying in Sadguru Niwas Society, Hingle Society at "Sainath Kripa", Sinhagad, Pune-411 051, I had diabetes and Sinus for the last 8 years. I am now quite normal and my sugar is well controlled. I am very, very grateful to you because i am enormously benefited by your "Ojamin" midicine both diabetes and Sinus have completely disappear. May God bless you.

Yours faithfully
Mrs. Parkhi

Mrs. Alka Shirish Palekar

Mrs.Alka Shrish Palekar,
1/2/18, Bhawani Nagar,
Marol, Andheri(East)
Mumbai - 400 059.
Date :

Diabetes is a sweet disease, Sages have given birth to Ayurved & "Ojamin" has given long life to Diabetic patients.

Within only 30 days I experienced great relief by "Ojamin" and after 12 month I completely got rid of diabetes. I had diabetes for the lasted 15 years. I started taking 9 (Nine) allopathic tablets and 50 units Insulin injection per day for 5 years, but I started suffering from Joint pain, indigastion, weakness and short sightadness and also affected my kidney, lever and heart and thereby I lost joy and happiness in life.By "Ojamin"I am completely cured in only one month. Therefore it is a great miracle in the world. May god give Shri. Laxmantrao Tate who invented 'Ojamin', long, long, healthy and prosperous life.

Mrs. Alka Shirish Palekar

Mrs. Padma Godbole

Shri.L.K. Tate

Sir, I read your article on "Diabetes' in Diwali Special "Shatavushi it" .

I came to your residence on 5.4.2005 and took away 8 bottles of "Ojamin". After taking your medicing for 8 months, my bloods test came to 97/128 (Normal 110/140) I phoned you therefore and you told me to stop the medicine. I am very grateful to you ffor curing my diabetes in a short period of 8 months. I am very gratful to you for curing my diabetes for which there is no other medicine in the world.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Mrs. Padma Godbole

Suresh N. Sangare

Suresh Nanu Sangare
8/821 Vanrai Nisarg,
C.H. Society,
Goregaon (E)
Mumbai - 4000065
Date : 7/12/06
Shri. Tate Saheb

Namaskar, I and pleased to inform you, that I took your 'Ojamin' medicing for 3 months, and my sugar become normal in 3 months.

Now empty stomach sugar is lll and after food is 136 . i was suffering from deabetes for last 3 years. I am completely cured. I am ever grateful to you.


Suresh N. Sangare

Shri Bhagwan Kale

Bhagwan Bhaguji kale,
41/3064, Abhyudaya Nagar
Housing Society Colony
Mumbai - 400 033,

Date : 5.1.2007

Shri Tatesaheb,

I had diabetes for the last 6 months. I was taking 1/2 Allopathetic tablet in the monning and 1/2 tab. in the night daily. I took your "Ojamin" medicine only for 3 months regularly. I got completely cured. My sugar now is 90. I feel very grateful to Tatesaheb. There is no medicine in the world for diabetes. I am very grareful to Tatesaheb who has made the whole world happy by inventing medicine for incurable diabetes. I wish Tatesaheb and his family long life to serve the people of the whole world.

Shri Bhagwan Kale

B. K. Kirtikar

Shri Brijalal K. Kirtikar
105, "Sai Dwarka"
325, Linking Road,
Khar (West)
Mumbai - 400 052

Date :17.2.2007

Shri L. K. Tatesaheb,

I am suffering from "Diabetes" for the last 30 years. I have tried number of medicines but wirthout any effect. I read about "Ojamin" medicine and personally met you on 30.3.2006 As per your advice i consumed 'Ojamin'for 6 months and tested blood sugar which come to normal. I am completely cured by your ayurvedic 'Ojamin' medicine. I am now 75 years old and quite hale and hearty due to your medicine. I am very grateful to you and wish you long, long happy and prosperous life to enable you to serve diabetic patients and I pray God for the same.

Yours faithfully,

B. K. Kirtikar

G. R. Rajiwadekar

Date : 29.10.07

Shri. Tate
Shiv Darshan
Anand Vihar Society,
Between 20th & 21th Road,

Deat Sir,

Medicine for Diabetie.

I am a Diabetic patient sinnce Sep.2003.
During last February 2005 one of my relatives advised me to visit to you for traetment. He also assured the Guarantee of cure. for treatment. He also assured the Guarantee of cure. In my opinion the above decease is not curable but controllable. According I was controlling the same with restricted food, stoppage of sugar and fast walking exercise.

Since March , 2007 , i have started to consume your medicine as per your guidance and it a miracle, as on date, I do not have any syptoms of diabetes. However, I have continused the medicine since I am having some other advantage also from the same.
Thanks for the treatment and your association.

Yours faithfully,

(G. R. Rajiwadekar)
F/3, Janhari Society,
Pandurang Wadi Road No.4
Goregaon (E) Mumbai - 400 063

Arun Ramchandra Guram
Goregaon Sports Club
Redg No : Under S. R. Act 1960-Born/101/80 GBBSD Dt. 22-2-80 with charity Comm, F/5959 Borm. Dt 8-4-80

April 7 , 2008

Mr. Tate
Anand Vihar Society,
Shivdarshan, Danpada,
Khar West, Mumbai

Respected Sir,
I Mr. Arun Ramchandra Guram, age 38 years, would like to thank you for the blood purifying medicine "Ojamin' that you have prescribed to me in january 2005 for a period of 8-months.

At the time when I have come to request you help , I was in a serious condition and my blood sugar level was recorded at 499. soon after it had come down to 255 and presently it is at a normal leval.

As per your advice i took the medicine, which i consider as God's gift and my second chance at living a normal life.

Thanking you,

Arun Ramchandra Guram
Manager (Admin & Legal)

Dear Prakash
Here in my opinion about Ojamin. attached herewith is my latest bloodtest report

I am a software engineer professional. I was under mental trauma when my doctor told me that I am a pre diabetic and I'll be prone to diabetes. I was completely off since my family has very strong diabetic history. Sometime my sugar level was fluctuating between 80 to 160 mg/dl. At this time, I googled for ayurvedic medicine to prevent the diabetes and fortunately I picked an article from Mr. L.K. Tate, B.A, and surprised to know about his commitment and assurance towards curing the diabetes. I immediately contacted Mr. Prakash Tate and requested to send the medicine. Initially I ordered for 6 bottles of medicine and started consuming it. I didn't check my Glucose/Sugar level for first 2 months. I was surprised to observe that I experienced great changes in body by "Ojamin" Within 60 days and after 4 months I completely got rid of diabetes significances. After 6 months, I stoped medicine fro 15 days and checked my my Glucose/Sugar level alternatively but it never go beyond 94 (fasting) and 100 (2 hrs after lunch/breakfast). ! still continuing it for 1 year as per Tate's advice.

This my sincere thanks to Mr. LK. Tate for his invention to save many human beings from diabetes and May god give Mr. L.K. Tate, a long healthy and prosperous life. I proudly announce that he is the one who returned joy and happiness in my life.

Mr. Sunil Nadumutlu
Age: 31 yrs
Flat #102, Starview Apartment,
5th 'C cross, Kodihalli Main Road, Bangalore - 560008
On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 3:03 PM

Duplicate Report
Registration Id   :    1601000018
Patient Name   :    Mr. Sunil Nadumutla
Reffered By   :    Net App
Registration Date/Time   :    09/07/10 09:35 AM
Collection Date / Time   :    09/07/10
Reporting Date / Time   :    09/07/10 07:11 PM
Age /Sex   :    31 Years / Male
Investigation Patient Value Reference
Sample Type: SERUM BIOCHEMICAL TEST Low Normal High
Blood Sugar Fasting ( Method: Glucose Oxidase-Peroxidase) 92 70 - 110 mg/dl
Blood Sugar (PP) ( Method: Glucose Oxidase-Peroxidase) 100 Urine Sugar Fasting Absent 70 -140 mg/dl
Bilirubin (Total) (Method ; Diazo with Sulphanilic Acid in presence of D Bilirubin (Direct) 1.12



Verified By
Dr. Geetha.C.
Consulting Pathologist

Dear Sunita Nalawade
Since then people around me started taking the same and feel good.

It was nice taking to you over phone. I hereby give you my fifes real happenings last year and the miracles happened after taking your medicine of OJAMIN regularly. I suddenly had brain stroke due to disbeties and high BP and was hospitalised for nearly 15 days and was in coma for 6 to 7 days in ICCU. The doctors who were attending me had informed my daughters and relatives that it is not possible for her survive. On 17th day I was discharged from the hospital. At that time I was feeling somewaht better but was unable to move without somebody's help. After few days one of my relatives advised me to mtake Ojamin and immediately I started to consume the same. To surprise of everybody I started to recover from my illness fast with regular consumption of Ojamin and within 6 months I was independent to do my activities. For nearly one year I regularly took Ojamin without missing a single dose.

Today I am fit and fine as I was earlier. Secondly, when the said medicine worked on me one of my neighbour came to me for the medicine as seeing my good results he wanted the same for his brother-in-law who is suffering from disbeties and was to be operated for eye which was that time not possible as he had 400 counts of disbeties and doctors advised him to control the same. After taking Ojamin for couple of days he was surprised that his disbeties was 200 count and immediately wihtin 3 days doctors operated his eys and that too successfully. Hence I request you to send me 12 bottles or 1 box initially. I am sending my daughter's full details as under :

Miss Ratna Iyer
Age: 31 yrs
Parshuram Niwas,
Bhat Wade, Wadi, Vadodara - 390 017. Gujarat
Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 11:29 AM

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